Ahhh Alaska!

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We returned from our Summer Alaska trip this past weekend, and now that I’ve mostly recovered from the short little 27 hour trip home (I may swear off airline travel for the time being), I wanted to share some pictures of our amazing trip.

We had a blast visiting my sister & her family at their beautiful home.  Just check out these views from their deck…

Just a measly mountain view.  Oh, and a lake too, no big deal, ha!

Now, this was actually my 4th visit to Alaska & I’ve always visited in the Summer, but it had been a few years since my last visit & somehow I had forgotten about the “Alaskan bird”, the mosquito.  We may complain about the mosquitoes here in Nebraska at times, but folks, I’m telling you, they don’t got nothing on these Alaskan things.  They come in flocks, swarms and herds & they mean business.  I don’t think I’ll ever complain about the mosquitoes here at home again. Or at least not until next month :).

We did some hiking while we were there.  Hatcher Pass was beautiful!  Despite the uncommonly warm weather they were having while we were there (if the temps didn’t drop out of the 80’s soon, I think the locals were going to start a frenzy), we still managed to find some snow.  Abbie & Benjamin demonstrated how to make snow angels in June…

The scenery was gorgeous around the abandoned Independence Mines…

It’s fun to imagine what this would have been like when it was still in operation.

William was very intrigued by the rail carts..

Wiley found it all very intriguing too :)

On another day, we took a drive to Cook inlet to see the water in Turnagain arm.  Because of the narrow waterway & the tides, the water moves very quickly in & then out.  It’s hard to picture, but very cool to see in person.

We saw some mountain sheep while we were there.  See them there on the mountainside…

Those teeny tiny white specks, that’s them!

Obviously, binoculars were needed.

Here’s the whole gang & that’s Turnagain Arm in the background…

Another view…

Nana & papa…

5 crazy kids = 1 crazy picture

Awww, what an awesome family…

If you ever make it to Anchorage, you have to go to Simon & Seafort’s & order some halibut, yum!

Someone feed these hooligans!

My two favorite boys!

Our last day there, a few of us went on one more hike to get some better views of Knik glacier.  Wow!  It was a beautiful hike (mosquitos & all)!

We are so thankful we had the chance to visit.  Lots of family time, lots of breathtaking scenery, lots of fun!

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