Beautiful Blessing!

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He’s here!!  Our baby boy has arrived & we are so in love!!  I’ll be sure to come back later with more details for everyone, but for now, here are some pictures for you all!

We’re a bit smitten. :)

12 thoughts on “Beautiful Blessing!

  1. Oh, Amanda & Caleb, he is absolutely adorable! What a wonderful gift God has given you, to be chosen as his mommy and daddy. It’s amazing to think that before God breathed life into our world, He picked you to be his parents. Such a gift! There’s nothing else like it in the world. Thanks for sharing these pictures, and we’ll be anxious to see more in the days to come. What a sweet baby boy!

  2. Caleb & Amanda, congratulations! How wonderful to see pictures of the THREE of you. I”m praying for all that you are going thru. Super exciting, but probably not the easiest to be staying away from home with your newborn. Can’t wait to have you all back.

  3. Congratulations! He is beautiful! What a wonderful blessing!! We’ll be praying for you and your new son! The Fritsons

  4. He is beautiful!! You will be amazing parents! I couldn’t imagine a better Christmas gift! Congratulations to your family!!

  5. Indescribably happy for you and Caleb! God is so good and he has chosen a special family and extended family for this blessed little guy!! We are rejoicing with you. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  6. Caleb and Amanda-thank you SO MUCH for posting those pictures and sharing this incredibly amazing chapter in your life with all of us! He is so handsome and you both look so happy-can you believe this time has finally come!?! From one mother to another Amanda, I can tell that you are truly in love, and motherhood fits you! Love you both-can’t wait to meet your little new addition!

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