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There’s a few reasons you may want to consider buying & cooking dried black beans {or any variety of bean in fact} versus buying the canned type.

First, there’s the cost factor.  I haven’t taken the time to do the exact math on this, but I think it’s fairly obvious that dried beans are the more frugal way to go.

The other factor for me, is health.  Many of the cans that are used today still contain BPA {here’s just one article of many that you can find on the web about why we should avoid BPA} .  There are companies out there that have switched to a BPA-free can liner {Eden Organic is one brand that I know has} but they are a little harder to find & because of the better packaging, the price will be higher than others.  Rather than search out the BPA-free cans & pay the higher prices,  I just find it easier to go the dried beans route.

I buy my black beans {again, you can do this with about any variety of bean, black beans are just the kind we use the majority of the time} in bulk from Azure Standard, a natural food co-op {I plan to share more about them at a later date}.  I can get a 5 lb bag of organic black beans for less than $10 & that lasts us quite a while.

The first step in cooking your beans is to soak them overnight {be sure to pick through & toss out any pebbles or icky looking beans before covering in water too}…

Cover the beans with at least 2 inches of water.

In the morning, strain the beans in a colander & rinse with cold water…

Dump the beans into your slow cooker…

Use fresh water to cover the beans by at least 2 inches…

Cover & cook on low for about 8 hours.

Strain into your colander again.  To use in place of canned beans, use 1 2/3 c. of cooked beans in any recipe.

I like to make a large batch anytime I cook up some beans & then freeze them in small jars…

3 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Black Beans

  1. Amanda,

    Good idea to put the cooked beans in jars and freeze them. I’m going to give this a try. I like to use black beans in my chili. Have you ever tried cooking the beans in homemade vegetable stock?

    • I haven’t tried cooking them in vegetable stock, sounds like a good idea! Would probably give them some good flavor!

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