Gratituesday ~ Fall is here!

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I’m somewhat sad that it seems like I’ve only had time to post once a week lately.  However, life just happens & prioritizing became essential for me.  So, if I can only make it here once a week for this hopefully, short-lived & somewhat overwhelming crazy time in my life, I’m glad I can at least get here for Gratituesday. :)

Today I’m grateful that…

1. It’s a gorgeous day outside

2. & that the Fall weather seems to be here to stay….that is, until Winter

3. I LOVE Fall!

4. God made such perfect seasons

5. we finally made it to one of our nephew’s football games Friday night

6. our small group has started up for the year again

7. we have such awesome people in our small group

8. I have an amazing hubby that works so hard, every day

9. we have such a great church family & community that has been, & continues to be, so supportive of our adoption plans

10. our adoption fundraiser garage sale preparations are underway

11. & we have already received some awesome donations for the sale & have many more on the way

12. God continues to show me that His ways are not my ways

13. His ways are ALWAYS better

14. God is in control

He is your constant source of stability;  he abundantly provides safety and great wisdom;  he gives all this to those who fear him.  Isaiah 33:6 (NET)

It’s your turn!  What are you grateful for today?  Join in at Heavenly Homemakers!

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