Gratituesday ~ Family Filled Easter Weekend!

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I’m starting a new weekly series here called Gratituesday!

Laura, over at one of my favorite blogs, Heavenly Homemakers, does this & I think it’s such an awesome idea!  God is so good & I think it is so important to make time in our busy schedules to focus on all that we have to be grateful for!

My life is overflowing with blessings, but in particular today, I’m thankful for the amazing weekend we were able to spend with my husband’s family to celebrate the Easter weekend!

On my husband’s side of the family, there are 3 siblings & 10 nieces & nephews & we were all able to meet together at his parents’ home for the weekend!  Because we all live in different parts of the state, this doesn’t happen often & it was so great to be together!  We had a lot of laughs, LOTS of yummy food and some good memories made!  We are in shock every time we get together at how much all of the kids are growing & changing.  In another year we’ll have a niece & a nephew graduating from high school, how is this possible?!

I’m so thankful for all of our family members, they are such a big part of our life even though we aren’t able to see many of them very often!

Join in!  What are you grateful for today?  Comment below & join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

2 thoughts on “Gratituesday ~ Family Filled Easter Weekend!

  1. I’ll play! I am incredibly thankful to have my husband home! We may not currently have a paycheck coming in, and our future may be a bit uncertain, but we are together, and he will see his children grow up. Thank You, Lord!

  2. I am thankful that my husband has a job that supports me staying home. I love being home with my babies! Okay, there are some days that gratitude doesn’t come easy, but for the most part I am exactly where I want to be.

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