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This Thursday, Caleb & I will celebrate our 4 year anniversary!  I never imagined I’d get to share my life with my best friend, I feel very blessed.

Since our anniversary falls on a weekday & we won’t have the opportunity to do anything too exciting on that exact day, we decided to make this last weekend our “Anniversary Weekend”.  It was also a 3 day weekend for my hubby, so it worked out well to stretch out one special occasion over 3 days {I like to do that kind of thing, you should see how long I can stretch my birthday out!:)}.

In the past we’ve taken little one-night getaways to celebrate our anniversary, which is always fun, but this year we settled on a stay-cation.  We planned to do a little shopping {I’ve been pining over a new camera for months!}, play some disc golf {one of Caleb’s favorite things} &, here’s the really exciting part, clean out the garage!

We actually laughed quite a bit over that last addition to our weekend plans.  I mean, how many people get excited about cleaning out their garage, especially for your anniversary!

A while back we went through a study with our small group called, Love & Respect {& happen to be going through it a second time right now with our current small group}.  One of the things we took away from that study was how important shoulder time is to guys.  For us women, we really like our face to face time, talking about anything & everything.  But for our guys, most of the time they’d just like us to be in the same room.  Caleb & I have found this to be very true in our marriage.  It’s certainly a balance to make sure he gets his shoulder time & I get my face time but when we’re both aware of that, it makes a huge difference.  So, cleaning out the garage together this weekend was great.  It was productive because our garage looks a lot better & because I was able to spend quality shoulder time with my husband:).

Join in!  What are you grateful for today?  Comment below & join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

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