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Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve jumped on the blogging bandwagon!  After spending the past couple years being completely inspired by, motivated by, encouraged by &, I’ll just say it, addicted to so many blogs I’ve decided to take the leap & start my own.  I’ve spent many hours dreaming about blogging myself, what all I would share & write about.  It seems most bloggers find their niche, their specialty, what they’re really good at & focus in on it.  It’s so fun to see someone’s passion come out through their blog.  Unfortunately, I can never pick just one thing to be passionate about; I have so many different things I love!  My focus jumps from one thing to the next without so much as a warning!  But, I’ve learned to like this about myself!  I like variety, so that’s what you’ll find here!

One of my passions that will probably show up a lot here is cooking & baking!  I’m constantly experimenting with new ideas & recipes in an attempt to eat healthier, less processed & more “real” foods.  I figure I’m somewhere on the middle of the “healthy-eating spectrum”.  I’m sure there will be some that think I’m “out-there” while others may laugh at what I call “healthy”.  I know that I certainly don’t have it all figured out, it’s a process & always will be, but I’m so excited to start sharing that here!

Another focus in my life that I’m passionate about is our home.  In 2010, after living in three rentals, we bought our first home together & we could not have been more excited to start making it our own!  I’m a dreamer when it comes to home remodeling.  Luckily, I’m married to a sensible guy that can kindly explain to me why it just isn’t realistic to remodel the entire house in a year….on a shoestring budget….ourselves!  I’ve definitely learned that the home remodeling process is slow, but we love tackling the projects ourselves.  It will be so much fun sharing our projects here so I can see all the progress that has been made!  So much of our inspiration for projects has come from blogs, so if I can inspire even one person by sharing what we’ve done, well,  that will just be icing on the cake!

I have so many other ideas floating around my head & I’m sure many of them are bound to show up here!  I hope you’ll keep coming back to see what we have going on in our grace filled life!   (To read more about me check out my “About” page)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


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