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I’ve just added an “Our Home” category to the site & my goal is to have a complete tour posted there eventually.  So, little by little, I’ll be blogging about different rooms/areas of our home & updating the “Our Home” section as I go.

As I’m sure you’ll figure out by looking at our house pics, we’re not professional designers, builders, decorators or really professional anything at all!  We just love our home, & enjoy taking on new projects ourselves.  And besides, the professional-look isn’t really our thing.:-)

I can’t really say any room in our house is “complete”.  It’s all a work in progress, which I’m sure anyone that has tackled home improvement projects before can’t relate with!

So, without further ado, here’s an outside look at our house!

First, here are some pictures from when we first bought our home in 2009.

This past Fall we decided it was time to paint.  As groovy as this peachy-pink color is, we weren’t feeling it.

And, as you can see from the post-pressure washing photos…

It was time for a new paint job.

Now, I’d love to tell you we tackled this project ourselves.  Sadly, as enthusiastic & DIY-minded as we are, we just couldn’t foresee being able to take this one on ourselves.  I’m no stranger to a paintbrush, but I hate being more than, oh, 3 feet off the ground!  Also, Speedy Gonzalez I am not!  At the speed I paint, this would have been a 4 year project for sure!

Caleb on the other hand has no fear of heights.  Strangely though, we can’t find a paintbrush that fits his hand, hmmm.

So, we decided to call in a pro on this one.  He did an awesome job!  I’d certainly recommend his work to anyone!  See for yourself:

On our project list for outside yet we have:

New roof (slated for this Spring)


Painting front door & porch swing

New windows throughout the house (kind of indoor/outdoor I guess but it will improve the curb appeal for sure)

Hope you enjoyed the first stop on our home tour!

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