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I walk by this magazine stand in my hallway about 30 times a day & it just occurred to me earlier this week that I’ve never posted the before & after’s of it here.

I picked up this piece at a little garage sale last summer.  It caught my eye as soon as I walked up to the sale, I could tell it had so much more to offer than the drab, dated look it had to it here.

Unlike most of the fix ‘er up pieces I scoop up, I went to work on it right away, rather than adding it to my little project corner of the garage.  It just so happened that I had nabbed one of these bottles of spray paint from the clearance bin at Builder’s just the week before & hadn’t found a project for it yet.

If you can’t quite make it out, it’s Valspar flat spray paint, in a creamy white color.  It worked fabulous for this!

It was a beautiful day, so I worked on it outside so I didn’t have to be as concerned about the fumes, although I did still wear a mask just to be safe.  I went over it with a few coats, making sure to get all the little nooks & crannies.

I waited a day to be sure it was completely dry, then I took a sanding sponge & did some distressing to give it that country chic look.

I wasn’t too worried about the finish getting messed up, especially since I was going for the distressed look anyhow, so I didn’t bother adding a poly coat or wax but you definitely could if you wanted to on a project like this.

I love all the detailing of this piece…

I planned on refurbishing this piece & selling it right away but I ended up liking it so much that it’s staying put for now.

Hopefully I’ll have some more projects done & ready to share soon!

Have a great weekend!!

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