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A few months ago I decided that I absolutely needed more storage space in my office.  I love to have things organized, hanging files with their little label tabs all lined up make me happy.  Weird, I know.

Lucky for me, I just so happened to have this beauty stashed in my little corner of the garage, just waiting for some attention.

Filing Cabinet

A super awesome friend of mine gave this to me when they were moving several states away {come back Beth!!}.

This hefty beast isn’t like the filing cabinets you buy nowadays.  It’s a combination of wood & metal, totally old school.

It does have a little wear & tear, a little water damage possibly on the bottom edges, but all in all, this thing was built to last.

After some clean up & a little sanding over a few rough patches, I went to town painting, using paint from the mistint section of Sherwin Williams {read – SUPER cheap!}.

Filing Cabinet

Because I was anxious to get my office storage in place, I got a little lazy & decided not to paint the drawer fronts.  I had considered making this a two-tone piece anyhow & because the drawer hardware would have been next to impossible to remove & because I thought trying to paint over the hardware would create one giant mess, leaving the drawers brown seemed to be the best option.

Filing Cabinet

There’s definitely some character marks in the brown paint, but I tend to like that look.  At some point I may end up adding a little more character by distressing the rest of the paint as well, but for now, I’m really happy with the look.

Filing Cabinet

And check out all that storage space!  Oh yeah!

Filing Cabinet

One more look.


Filing Cabinet

And after….

Filing Cabinet

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