Our Adoption Story

I LOVE sharing our adoption story!  I hope it blesses you!

If your family is going through the adoption process now or you’re thinking about adopting or you have already adopted, I’d be thrilled to hear from you!  Please comment below or send me a message!

We’re Adopting!!

Adoption: Paperwork & Pictures

Adoption ~ Garage Sale Fundraiser

Gratituesday ~Fundraiser Success!

Gratituesday ~ Fundraising sale – round two!

Gratituesday ~ We’re getting a baby!

Beautiful Blessing!

Gratituesday ~ A whole new life

It’s official!


One thought on “Our Adoption Story

  1. My husband and i have adopted twice. they were both international adoptions and quite awhile ago. What a blessing!

    Id send u a message but i dont know who this is going to. Im just a newbie here to YL

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