Our New Year’s Sugar Fast & Weekly Meal Plan {No. 20}

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Sugar Fast

We’ve started this thing, where about once a year,  we go on a “sugar fast” of sorts.  In the past, we’ve always been a bit lenient, making such allowances as one day off each week, still eating honey or small amounts of other natural sweeteners or there’s my personal favorite, still eating, just a few, chocolate chips.  This year we decided to be all out sticklers & call it quits without any of our favorite exceptions, for a month that is {I’m not sure I’m ready to sign on to a lifetime of no sweets just yet!}.

Now granted, the majority of “sweets eating” we do in our house consists of homemade goodies that were made using more natural sweeteners such as honey or sucanat, but it is still so easy to get into a habit of overdoing it on the sweet stuff.  Our goal is to make it a month without any sweets or sugar, even in it’s natural form.  It’s been 5 days so far for us, so it’s a bit soon to predict how we’ll do, but we’re on our way!

I’ll try to post some periodic updates this month with how we’re doing & maybe even some tips for anyone who may be interested in doing their own little sugar fast.

Are you doing any diet change ups in the New Year?  I’d love to hear about it!  Please share below!

And now, on to what we’re serving up for supper this week…

weekly meal plan Suppers

Chicken Enchilada Soup

Aloha burgersAloha Burgers & salads {Yep, we grill in January!  I’ll try & pick a warmer day}

Cheesy Enchilada Casserole

Grilled Cheesy Beef & Vegetable Hash {Sometimes we move this one inside to the oven when it’s too cold to be grilling}

White Chicken Pizza



Chips & homemade salsa

Soaked walnuts & almonds


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