Stairway Makeover {phase 1}

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It has been far too long since I’ve shared any updates on our house renovation project.  It might be because, since getting Wiley, very little has happened.  But, a fair amount of work did get done before that & I just neglected to share it then.  So, here’s one of the projects that is semi-completed.   I give you, the stairway…

This is looking at the stairway & hall area from the main floor, before we painted.  Not too bad here.

Then,  we venture up…..and things start to get dark…

From the molding up, everything was a DARK maroon color.  Not my favorite.  And, because the walls are all paneled in this area {another “not my favorite” feature, but we’ve decided to leave it for the time being} & the corner trim pieces had all been painted white, the fact that it’s paneled is all the more obvious.

So dark!

Rather than choosing two different paint colors for the upstairs portion of the stairway/hall & the downstairs portion, we decided to pick one color.  And because there are so many different rooms leading off of this space {8 to be exact}, we went with a neutral color that hopefully won’t clash with the connecting spaces.  We ended up with Dutch Boy’s Northern Climb.

Ta da!

I know, I know, you LOVE the red carpet.

There is so much more light in this area!  It much more cheerful.  I love it!

Which is good, because this is definitely not an area I am anxious to paint again.

The railing & banister was a beast.

There were a lot of hard to reach places…

And crazy ladder maneuvers…

This is so not recommended!

But it was worth it.  It always is!

Phase 2 of this particular project will be tearing up the carpets, refinishing the hardwood floors & replacing some of the trim.  It will be so much fun to have it all completed!

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