It’s official!

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It’s been a special week at our house.  On Wednesday, Wiley turned 5 months old & after a 5 minute phone call with a judge & our attorney, became “legally” ours!   Not much changed in our hearts, he’s been our son since the second we laid eyes on him, but it’s nice to know there’s official paperwork out there that says so.

Nana & papa, my parents, as well as grandma & grandpa, Caleb’s parents, came for a celebration supper.

Feeling very blessed!

Gratituesday ~ A whole new life

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Let’s see if I can even figure out how to work this blog thing again, it’s been so long!

We’ve been home with our wonderful little blessing for a little over 5 weeks now & life is good.  People keep asking me if life is a little different now & my response is usually, “completely!”.  I really don’t know what happened to our old life but it’s all so great, (yes, even the lack of sleep) I don’t really care. 

I know, I know.  Those of you who are facebook friends with me are probably saying enough already with these pictures:).  Just a few, I promise.

As I type this, my little Wiley man is sitting in my lap, staring up at me with his huge brown eyes & throwing random smiles my way.  Yeah, I can handle this.  Thank you Lord for such an amazing gift!

Thank you to all of our prayer warriors out there!  Your prayers have been felt, without a doubt!  We’d love continued prayers for things to go smoothly through the post-placement process.  Having a finalized adoption will bring a lot of peace to this mama’s heart.

How about you?  I hope you are feeling blessed & encouraged today!  Please share what you are grateful for in the comments below & join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

Gratituesday ~ We’re getting a baby!

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So, life has gotten a little crazy around here.  All in a good way though.

A little over 4 weeks ago we got the call that a birth mom chose us to parent her baby boy that is due in December (as in, this December!).  We have been living in a blur of preparations, excitement & maybe a little chaos ever since.

Caleb & I ask each other almost daily if this is really happening.  It’s hard to grasp the whole situation when you are dealing with people you’ve only ever spoke to over the phone, a part of you wonders if they truly exist.  But, it is sinking in a little more with each tiny milestone.  Like yesterday, we installed the car seat…..that feels really weird.  The day before that, some amazing friends threw us an awesome, couples baby show……how fun!   Saturday, we arranged furniture in the nursery……..whoa, a baby is really going to live here?!

Needless to say, we are beyond excited & feeling so incredibly blessed.  God has been so good to us & has put friends & family in our lives that have been so supportive.

I hope to be back to blog-land a little more often with updates, but I make no promises:).  Out little guy is due to arrive in less than two weeks now but could really be here any day!