The Weekend’s Pickin’s

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Once again, I headed out for some garage sale’n this last weekend, I even ventured out of my little town to the big city of Kearney {don’t laugh, it seems big compared to my town!:)} to see if they had any big finds for me.

I had my hopes up for a cool old dresser or table for a new refurb project, but I didn’t land on any of those this time around.  {Speaking of which, if you live in my area & have, or know of anyone who has, old furniture pieces (solid wood) that need to go, please let me know!}  I did find some smaller things & some clothes {what girl doesn’t need fun new clothes for a steal?} that made the trip totally worthwhile.

First up, I ran across a plant stand {these have been eluding me forever! I’ve been seeing them at auctions & always miss out & also spotted one at a garage sale the weekend before last, already in someone’s grasp!} & this little wooden stepladder…

I guess I’m forming a little stepladder collection because this is the second one I’ve bought in the past couple of months.  I love the idea of using them as bedside tables like Apartment Therapy

The plant stand may end up seeing a coat of paint, not sure the white fits with my taste, but for now it’s found a home with my lettuce {I know, I know, it needs a beautiful trailing plant, maybe next year:)}.

 Funny side note: when I carried these 2 items up to pay, the gal immediately told me she’d take less than was marked…I hadn’t said a word!  Apparently I have stealth negotiating powers:).

At my next stop, I hit up a neighborhood sale & spotted this old wooden dairy box from a block away…

I buzzed right past the 2 garage sales before it, preparing myself as I speedily walked that it had to be priced too high or it wouldn’t still be there.  To my surprise, it wasn’t overpriced & it quickly became mine!  I’m not completely sure of it’s value, but I just think it’s cool & it totally fits my style.

I hit up the remaining sales in the neighborhood & found the 3 lamps.  They’re ugly, I’m aware.  The gal that sold them to me was super sweet & took time to plug each one in for me so I know that they work.  With a little work they’ll be beautiful again…..I hope.  I’ll be sure to share their transformation.

Has anyone else found great garage sale treasures recently?

Kitchen Tour – part 2

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So sorry, our home tour took a bit of a break!  {if you’ve missed the last couple stops of the home tour, be sure to check them out here}

I have been meaning to finish up the tour of the kitchen for the past few weeks, but was waiting until I had a few pictures of how it looks today.  I was waiting for that magical moment when the counter tops were impeccably clean & clear, until there were absolutely no dirty dishes & it all just looked perfect!  Well, then I realized that almost never happens in my kitchen because I’m always using it!  Approximately 5 minutes & 32 seconds after I get every single dish, pot & utensil cleaned & put away, I start making something else!

So, today I decided I was just going to make it happen & that anyone who looks at these pictures would understand that we live here & nothing is ever perfect. :)

{Full disclosure- I did tidy things up just a bit before snapping the most recent pics of the kitchen, I couldn’t help myself:)}

Alright, here we go.  This is how the kitchen looked the day we bought the house…

Yep, that’s how long it took for us to start tearing things apart!  I’m pretty sure the ink was still wet on our closing papers when we starting ripping into the kitchen.  {That’s my lovely mother-in-law helping get the cabinets ready to paint.}

More ivy!

Once we had the cabinets all disassembled {doors removed & hardware removed & discarded} the painting began!

They all got painted, inside & out!  If you’re going to paint cabinets, it’s so worth it to take the time to paint the insides!  I know it seems like a lot of extra work but it’s so much more pleasant to have nice, bright cabinet interiors.  There’s something about a fresh coat of paint that makes everything feel so clean too.

Thank heavens my mom came out to help with all this painting!  It would have taken me weeks instead of a couple days!

This is only one of two rooms that I had setup with cabinet doors like this.  This is way easier than trying to paint while they are still up!  It’s hard to see, but under the saw horses we have all of the hinges laid out on styrofoam so we could give them a few coats of spray paint too.

With the doors back on & new hardware! {The paint was still a bit tacky so we left the doors hanging open for a day or two.}

And, here’s how it looks today…

Like most everything in our house, it’s a work in progress & we’re okay with that.  At some point in the future, we hope to rearrange a few things in this space {mostly concerning the oddly shaped, low island} which will add even more counter space, upgrade to wood flooring, new counters & backsplash & who knows what else yet! :)

If you’re contemplating a fresh coat of paint for your kitchen cabinets, I hope I’ve encouraged you a bit.  It’s certainly not a project for the faint of heart, {I can’t lie, it’s a LOT of work} but in the end it’s so worth it!  It can breathe new life into your kitchen like you wouldn’t believe & for so much less than all new cabinetry!

Kitchen Tour – part 1

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As I started going through my house pictures, I realized they’re not very complete.  I love it when I have pictures that show the process each step of the way.  I’m pretty sure I just want to be able to show everyone how much work we put into something!:-)

So, this is one of those rooms where the pictures don’t tell the complete story, but it’s still a pretty dramatic change…to me anyhow!

Our kitchen is a long room with the actual kitchen area at one end and the eating area at the other.

Today, we’re touring the eating area.

To start, here are some pictures of the space when we first bought the house…

Before it became our eating area it had to put in it’s time as a painting space for the kitchen cabinets.

If you stood in this room long enough, ivy would begin growing on your shoulders, it was weird.

Our original plan when buying the house was to first tackle some bathroom overhauls, redo the front living room/dining room, paint some bedrooms, etc.  We really thought this space could wait.  But, the ivy only lasted about a week, it had to go!

So, out went the furniture & down came the wallpaper.  Only, the wallpaper had no intentions of leaving us quietly & without a scene (as wallpaper has a tendency of doing).  For the majority of the room, the wallpaper was put up directly on the drywall (it hadn’t been primed or painted at all).

If you’ve never experienced this before, what happens then is that part of the drywall wants to come down with the wallpaper.  It’s a big mess!  I really wish I had some pictures of that so I could show you how much work we did!:-)

So, once the wallpaper was down, my dear, sweet hubby began the tedious task of skim-coating the entire room to repair all of the drywall damage.

We also decided to scape down the popcorn ceilings to clean things up a bit, another extremely messy job my hubby did.

Here’s how this area looks today…

Most recently for this space I made roman shades, which I plan on sharing more about at a later date.

Our vision for this space still includes new wood flooring & several other projects that tie into the kitchen area which I hope to show you here, soon!