Magazine Stand Makeover

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I walk by this magazine stand in my hallway about 30 times a day & it just occurred to me earlier this week that I’ve never posted the before & after’s of it here.

I picked up this piece at a little garage sale last summer.  It caught my eye as soon as I walked up to the sale, I could tell it had so much more to offer than the drab, dated look it had to it here.

Unlike most of the fix ‘er up pieces I scoop up, I went to work on it right away, rather than adding it to my little project corner of the garage.  It just so happened that I had nabbed one of these bottles of spray paint from the clearance bin at Builder’s just the week before & hadn’t found a project for it yet.

If you can’t quite make it out, it’s Valspar flat spray paint, in a creamy white color.  It worked fabulous for this!

It was a beautiful day, so I worked on it outside so I didn’t have to be as concerned about the fumes, although I did still wear a mask just to be safe.  I went over it with a few coats, making sure to get all the little nooks & crannies.

I waited a day to be sure it was completely dry, then I took a sanding sponge & did some distressing to give it that country chic look.

I wasn’t too worried about the finish getting messed up, especially since I was going for the distressed look anyhow, so I didn’t bother adding a poly coat or wax but you definitely could if you wanted to on a project like this.

I love all the detailing of this piece…

I planned on refurbishing this piece & selling it right away but I ended up liking it so much that it’s staying put for now.

Hopefully I’ll have some more projects done & ready to share soon!

Have a great weekend!!

Red Lamp Makeover

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I ran across these beauties at an auction a few month ago…

Unsure of whether or not they were in working condition, I took the risk & bought them {they were cheap:)}.  I was thrilled when I plugged them in & they worked!

I decided they were perfect candidates for the spray paint treatment.  And not just any spray paint, RED spray paint!  I wanted them to be a little funky & really add a pop of color to whatever room they ended up in.  So, after a little tape work…

It was time to bring on the red!  I used Valspar spray paint on these & it went on beautifully.

After the proper drying time, I topped these with basic white shades {found for a steal at a garage sale!}.  With every intention of selling these, they’ve taken up residence in my kitchen, hmmm….

So there you have it, don’t be afraid of those ugly unloved brass lamps.  A little spray paint therapy is all they need:).

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The Garage Sale Report

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I’m realizing as I’m writing this that I’ve had an awful lot of posts showing off my fun finds for refurbishing, but hardly any showing completed projects……I’ll have to work on that. :)  Let’s just say, my project pile is well stocked!

Garage sales were a little slim this past weekend in my little town, but sometimes it only takes one good one to get loaded up!  I only had to go 2 blocks Saturday to find an unexpected treasure trove…

{please excuse the messy/dirty garage in to background!}

I love this dresser & unlike most dressers I find, it’s in fantastic condition.  It’s already made it’s way into a spare bedroom in our house, I’m not sure I want to resell it just yet :).  Eventually I plan to refinish it, but because it’s in such great shape, I’ll just use it as is for now.

I also picked up this dresser.  It’s not a style I love quite as much as the other, but it’s still in very good shape & will look super cute once it’s refurb’d.  I’ll be sure to share pics once I get to it.

Don’t laugh, I’ve actually been looking for a chair similar to this for a while now, orange stripes and all!  {Totally kidding on the stripes}  I’ve got plans for this baby, hopefully it turns out the way I have pictured in my head.  If nothing else, it’s actually a very comfy chair to sit in.

Then there’s this little guy…

 He’s a bit rough for what I like to take on, but the gal having the garage sale insisted that I take it, for FREE!  I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time saying no to free, unless it’s just absolute garbage.  It may not turn out to be anything too great, but it is a cute little piece if we can get the oil stain worked out of it.  I love the natural distressing it already has but it may not be salvageable once we get the oil stain out, we’ll see.

I also picked up a kitchen chair & an ironstone looking tureen from the same sale.  I may have been that gals best customer :).

Anyone else do any garage sale’n last weekend?

The Weekend’s Pickin’s

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Once again, I headed out for some garage sale’n this last weekend, I even ventured out of my little town to the big city of Kearney {don’t laugh, it seems big compared to my town!:)} to see if they had any big finds for me.

I had my hopes up for a cool old dresser or table for a new refurb project, but I didn’t land on any of those this time around.  {Speaking of which, if you live in my area & have, or know of anyone who has, old furniture pieces (solid wood) that need to go, please let me know!}  I did find some smaller things & some clothes {what girl doesn’t need fun new clothes for a steal?} that made the trip totally worthwhile.

First up, I ran across a plant stand {these have been eluding me forever! I’ve been seeing them at auctions & always miss out & also spotted one at a garage sale the weekend before last, already in someone’s grasp!} & this little wooden stepladder…

I guess I’m forming a little stepladder collection because this is the second one I’ve bought in the past couple of months.  I love the idea of using them as bedside tables like Apartment Therapy

The plant stand may end up seeing a coat of paint, not sure the white fits with my taste, but for now it’s found a home with my lettuce {I know, I know, it needs a beautiful trailing plant, maybe next year:)}.

 Funny side note: when I carried these 2 items up to pay, the gal immediately told me she’d take less than was marked…I hadn’t said a word!  Apparently I have stealth negotiating powers:).

At my next stop, I hit up a neighborhood sale & spotted this old wooden dairy box from a block away…

I buzzed right past the 2 garage sales before it, preparing myself as I speedily walked that it had to be priced too high or it wouldn’t still be there.  To my surprise, it wasn’t overpriced & it quickly became mine!  I’m not completely sure of it’s value, but I just think it’s cool & it totally fits my style.

I hit up the remaining sales in the neighborhood & found the 3 lamps.  They’re ugly, I’m aware.  The gal that sold them to me was super sweet & took time to plug each one in for me so I know that they work.  With a little work they’ll be beautiful again…..I hope.  I’ll be sure to share their transformation.

Has anyone else found great garage sale treasures recently?