Living Room/Dining Room Remodel – It Begins…

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We’ve been living life on the easy side these past several months, enjoying our little family… was simple.  Since putting new shingles on our house last Summer, the Summer of 2012,  we’ve not yet tackled another major renovation project in our home.  We’ve done some little things here & there, but nothing earth shaking.

That’s all changed now.  One of the first projects dreamed up when we first bought this house was tearing down an odd wall that had been added at some point in our home’s history which divided an otherwise spacious front room.  This wall…

Front Room Remodel

Our living room for the past 4 years has looked like this…

Front Room Remodel

Front Room Remodel

Front Room Remodel

This space has really been very cozy & we’ve loved our living room, red carpet & all :).

But, on the other side of that wall, there’s a fireplace…

Front Room Remodel

Here’s some more shots of what we’ve always refered to as the “fireplace room”…

Front Room Remodel

Front Room Remodel

Front Room Remodel

Because this room is so dark & just an odd space, we’ve never used it for anything more than storage.  Because of that, I feel like we are gaining an extra room in our house!

Once we have the wall out & we are left with one big open room, the plan is to move our living room area over to the space by the fireplace.  The other half of the room {where our living room was before} will then be our dining room.  I am SOOOO excited to see how it all turns out.  I’ve been arranging furniture & decorating this space in my head since the first time we looked at this house.  So fun!

Here’s a glimpse of the progress so far…

Front Room Remodel

The living room furniture is out……the wall is still intact just long enough to help contain some of the mess from the lathe & plaster removal…

Front Room Remodel

And a little bit of insulation starting to go back up…


Front Room Remodel

The mess is never fun to live through, you just have to keep focused on the finished product……it will get there……eventually.

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Stairway Makeover {phase 1}

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It has been far too long since I’ve shared any updates on our house renovation project.  It might be because, since getting Wiley, very little has happened.  But, a fair amount of work did get done before that & I just neglected to share it then.  So, here’s one of the projects that is semi-completed.   I give you, the stairway…

This is looking at the stairway & hall area from the main floor, before we painted.  Not too bad here.

Then,  we venture up…..and things start to get dark…

From the molding up, everything was a DARK maroon color.  Not my favorite.  And, because the walls are all paneled in this area {another “not my favorite” feature, but we’ve decided to leave it for the time being} & the corner trim pieces had all been painted white, the fact that it’s paneled is all the more obvious.

So dark!

Rather than choosing two different paint colors for the upstairs portion of the stairway/hall & the downstairs portion, we decided to pick one color.  And because there are so many different rooms leading off of this space {8 to be exact}, we went with a neutral color that hopefully won’t clash with the connecting spaces.  We ended up with Dutch Boy’s Northern Climb.

Ta da!

I know, I know, you LOVE the red carpet.

There is so much more light in this area!  It much more cheerful.  I love it!

Which is good, because this is definitely not an area I am anxious to paint again.

The railing & banister was a beast.

There were a lot of hard to reach places…

And crazy ladder maneuvers…

This is so not recommended!

But it was worth it.  It always is!

Phase 2 of this particular project will be tearing up the carpets, refinishing the hardwood floors & replacing some of the trim.  It will be so much fun to have it all completed!

Weekend finds

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We had another crazy-busy Saturday here, which including roofing, painting & then a little more painting & a little more roofing.  Both projects are coming along nicely, they just always seem to take much longer than anticipated.  I’d say I’ve got one more day of painting in the hallway/stairway to finish things up there.  Who new painting all those spindles on the stairway banister could be so much fun?!;)  {In case you don’t know me well, that’s complete sarcasm.  As much as I love to paint, trim work is a little too tedious for my liking.}

Caleb’s about 2/3 of the way done on the roof, so maybe by next weekend {depending on weather & schedules}, he’ll have things wrapped up on the house portion of the shingling.  It’s looking like the garage portion may have to wait until Fall, after my garden is done, because it runs all along the West side of the garage & there’s really no way to tear off the old shingles without damaging things there.  Oh well, I’m sure we can find another project to occupy us in the meantime.

In between feeding the boys on the roof {we had a couple helpers Saturday, SUCH a blessing} & running to every hardware/building supply store in town looking for a hard-to-find box of staples, I managed to escape for about 15 minutes to check out the garage sales around town.  {I’ve learned to be pretty quick, it’s a get-in, get-out operation for me;).}

I’d been kind of disappointed with the garage sales so far this year when it came to furniture or potential refurb projects so I was super pumped to find these fun little tables Saturday morning!

They both are a little wobbly & need some beautification, but they have good potential so I’m thrilled.  I’ll be sure to share before-and-afters of both of these when they’re refurb’d!

I’m kicking myself today when I think about a few of the pieces I walked away from Saturday, but that just has me more excited for the next round of garage sales next weekend!  I’ve got a bunch of ideas buzzing around in my head, both for pieces for our home & reselling, so stay tuned!

PS- I’m on the lookout for a local-ish shop that would work with me on displaying/selling some of my refurbished pieces.  If you have any ideas for me, I’m all ears!

Gratituesday ~ It’s all just stuff

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The past couple of weekends have been filled with stuff!

Two weeks ago, I was back in Iowa helping my family with a garage sale, & this past weekend, I was back in Iowa again helping my parents move into their new home.  Do you know what the first thing I wanted to do when I got home from both of those weekends was?……I wanted to get rid of stuff!

Don’t get me wrong, things {stuff} are nice & I feel very blessed by the material possessions I have, but none of it really means anything.  Sure, I have certain items that have been passed down through the generations & it’s really neat to have those things, but again, it’s just stuff!  None of it is making the trip to heaven with me, it’s all just temporary.

I’ve started joking that maybe it’s time for us to move again {we’ve been in the same house for over 2 years now} because there’s nothing like a move to spur on the purging process.  Even though I don’t foresee a move happening in the near future, I’ve decided it’s time to let go of some things.  It’s such a refreshing feeling to clear things out, to let go of things you thought were vital to your existence & realize that they really aren’t even missed.

I mean, are those pretty dishes that you haven’t even looked at in over a year really that special?  Or, how about all of those trophies from when you were a kid that are sitting around collecting dust. Do you really need them to hold those fun memories in your mind?

I honestly can’t think of anything I regret having let go of in the past.  When I get those items out of my home, not only does it clear up space in my house {which is something I really like, by the way}, but it’s almost like it declutters my mind, too.

So, if you’ve been contemplating a purge, whether it be of your whole house or starting with just one room, I’d love to be your cheerleader!  I’m no expert & I’m sure I’m still keeping a tight grip on certain things that need to be let go of too, but I’d love to offer you encouragement.  Comment below & let me know how I can encourage you.

This probably seems like a backwards gratituesday post I guess.  But what it all boils down to, is that I’m eternally grateful that I don’t need any sort of material possession to determine my worth.  My God loves me for me, because He made me & all of this stuff is irrelevant to who I am in Him.  Christ died on the cross to offer salvation for me & someday I’ll join Him in heaven where all of this stuff will be no more, hallelujah!

Join in!  What are you grateful for today?  Comment below & join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!