Kitchen Tour – part 2

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So sorry, our home tour took a bit of a break!  {if you’ve missed the last couple stops of the home tour, be sure to check them out here}

I have been meaning to finish up the tour of the kitchen for the past few weeks, but was waiting until I had a few pictures of how it looks today.  I was waiting for that magical moment when the counter tops were impeccably clean & clear, until there were absolutely no dirty dishes & it all just looked perfect!  Well, then I realized that almost never happens in my kitchen because I’m always using it!  Approximately 5 minutes & 32 seconds after I get every single dish, pot & utensil cleaned & put away, I start making something else!

So, today I decided I was just going to make it happen & that anyone who looks at these pictures would understand that we live here & nothing is ever perfect. :)

{Full disclosure- I did tidy things up just a bit before snapping the most recent pics of the kitchen, I couldn’t help myself:)}

Alright, here we go.  This is how the kitchen looked the day we bought the house…

Yep, that’s how long it took for us to start tearing things apart!  I’m pretty sure the ink was still wet on our closing papers when we starting ripping into the kitchen.  {That’s my lovely mother-in-law helping get the cabinets ready to paint.}

More ivy!

Once we had the cabinets all disassembled {doors removed & hardware removed & discarded} the painting began!

They all got painted, inside & out!  If you’re going to paint cabinets, it’s so worth it to take the time to paint the insides!  I know it seems like a lot of extra work but it’s so much more pleasant to have nice, bright cabinet interiors.  There’s something about a fresh coat of paint that makes everything feel so clean too.

Thank heavens my mom came out to help with all this painting!  It would have taken me weeks instead of a couple days!

This is only one of two rooms that I had setup with cabinet doors like this.  This is way easier than trying to paint while they are still up!  It’s hard to see, but under the saw horses we have all of the hinges laid out on styrofoam so we could give them a few coats of spray paint too.

With the doors back on & new hardware! {The paint was still a bit tacky so we left the doors hanging open for a day or two.}

And, here’s how it looks today…

Like most everything in our house, it’s a work in progress & we’re okay with that.  At some point in the future, we hope to rearrange a few things in this space {mostly concerning the oddly shaped, low island} which will add even more counter space, upgrade to wood flooring, new counters & backsplash & who knows what else yet! :)

If you’re contemplating a fresh coat of paint for your kitchen cabinets, I hope I’ve encouraged you a bit.  It’s certainly not a project for the faint of heart, {I can’t lie, it’s a LOT of work} but in the end it’s so worth it!  It can breathe new life into your kitchen like you wouldn’t believe & for so much less than all new cabinetry!

May 3rd Garden Update

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The last few days have been some busy ones in the garden!  I remember a few weeks ago feeling like I was maybe putting some things in the ground too early {I was sure we’d get hit with a late April blizzard or something!} & now after a couple 80°-90° days, I feel like I’m way behind!!

This year I’m definitely trying to expand our gardening spaces & trying out many new crops that I’ve not grown before.  I’m really excited to see how things turn out.

I took a few snapshots this morning as I was walking around the yard…

I planted these peas at the beginning of April in our alley garden {it’s the space between our garage & alley, gotta be creative when you live in town:)}.  The seed was actually leftover from last year & I think about every seed I planted here germinated!  We’ve got a little ways to go before we start plucking delicious sugar snaps off these babies but they’ll get there.  I’ve been planting a couple new rows every couple weeds so that we have a fresh harvest for as long as possible.

On our back patio we have this fun wooden trough thing that we picked up at an auction last Fall for a buck or something like that.  At first, my plan was to turn it into a table but I’m really liking it as a place to set more of my garden!  I have some lettuce growing nicely that I planted at the beginning of April as well.  As you can see here, if something holds dirt, I’m probably going to plant something in it!  I really like unconventional planters {just be sure to drill some holes in the bottom for drainage!}, they create a much more unique, homey space I think.

These are some garden boxes we made from scrap wood from my hubby’s work.  They were my first attempt at having part of my garden in the backyard where our dog could get to it.  Unfortunately, this has created some setbacks…

In case you can’t tell, in this picture the middle box has been almost entirely emptied of it’s dirt.  I’m pretty sure Miley is telling me here that she just thought she was helping.:)

So, we’ve resorted to chicken wire & lovely bricks for the time being.  From all of her dirt throwing I also have little plants sprouting up in different boxes than I had planted them in.  I’m thinking about calling this the “Can you name that plant?” garden.

These boxes are also a new addition this year & have all been planted with herb seeds over the last couple of days.

Check out my nifty new garden markers too…

I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure how quickly the permanent marker will wear off but it seemed like a cool, cheap {more like free if you have a couple rocks laying around} & aesthetically pleasing option to try out.

It’s killing me that I don’t have these in the ground yet…

I was a little slow getting my seed potatoes ordered this year & then I let them sit around forever it seems{check out the size of the “eyes” on those things!} before I got around to cutting them.  I cut these a couple days ago so they’re ready to be planted, hopefully tonight!  {If you’re not familiar with growing potatoes or have just never done it like this before, I let my potatoes air dry for 2-4 days after cutting & before planting.}

I got a little carried away ordering garden seeds!  Lots of seeds to get in the ground yet {I’m not ever sure where all of these are going to go!}, better get back to planting!!

How’s your garden growing going?

Kitchen Tour – part 1

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As I started going through my house pictures, I realized they’re not very complete.  I love it when I have pictures that show the process each step of the way.  I’m pretty sure I just want to be able to show everyone how much work we put into something!:-)

So, this is one of those rooms where the pictures don’t tell the complete story, but it’s still a pretty dramatic change…to me anyhow!

Our kitchen is a long room with the actual kitchen area at one end and the eating area at the other.

Today, we’re touring the eating area.

To start, here are some pictures of the space when we first bought the house…

Before it became our eating area it had to put in it’s time as a painting space for the kitchen cabinets.

If you stood in this room long enough, ivy would begin growing on your shoulders, it was weird.

Our original plan when buying the house was to first tackle some bathroom overhauls, redo the front living room/dining room, paint some bedrooms, etc.  We really thought this space could wait.  But, the ivy only lasted about a week, it had to go!

So, out went the furniture & down came the wallpaper.  Only, the wallpaper had no intentions of leaving us quietly & without a scene (as wallpaper has a tendency of doing).  For the majority of the room, the wallpaper was put up directly on the drywall (it hadn’t been primed or painted at all).

If you’ve never experienced this before, what happens then is that part of the drywall wants to come down with the wallpaper.  It’s a big mess!  I really wish I had some pictures of that so I could show you how much work we did!:-)

So, once the wallpaper was down, my dear, sweet hubby began the tedious task of skim-coating the entire room to repair all of the drywall damage.

We also decided to scape down the popcorn ceilings to clean things up a bit, another extremely messy job my hubby did.

Here’s how this area looks today…

Most recently for this space I made roman shades, which I plan on sharing more about at a later date.

Our vision for this space still includes new wood flooring & several other projects that tie into the kitchen area which I hope to show you here, soon!

Let’s start a home tour!

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I’ve just added an “Our Home” category to the site & my goal is to have a complete tour posted there eventually.  So, little by little, I’ll be blogging about different rooms/areas of our home & updating the “Our Home” section as I go.

As I’m sure you’ll figure out by looking at our house pics, we’re not professional designers, builders, decorators or really professional anything at all!  We just love our home, & enjoy taking on new projects ourselves.  And besides, the professional-look isn’t really our thing.:-)

I can’t really say any room in our house is “complete”.  It’s all a work in progress, which I’m sure anyone that has tackled home improvement projects before can’t relate with!

So, without further ado, here’s an outside look at our house!

First, here are some pictures from when we first bought our home in 2009.

This past Fall we decided it was time to paint.  As groovy as this peachy-pink color is, we weren’t feeling it.

And, as you can see from the post-pressure washing photos…

It was time for a new paint job.

Now, I’d love to tell you we tackled this project ourselves.  Sadly, as enthusiastic & DIY-minded as we are, we just couldn’t foresee being able to take this one on ourselves.  I’m no stranger to a paintbrush, but I hate being more than, oh, 3 feet off the ground!  Also, Speedy Gonzalez I am not!  At the speed I paint, this would have been a 4 year project for sure!

Caleb on the other hand has no fear of heights.  Strangely though, we can’t find a paintbrush that fits his hand, hmmm.

So, we decided to call in a pro on this one.  He did an awesome job!  I’d certainly recommend his work to anyone!  See for yourself:

On our project list for outside yet we have:

New roof (slated for this Spring)


Painting front door & porch swing

New windows throughout the house (kind of indoor/outdoor I guess but it will improve the curb appeal for sure)

Hope you enjoyed the first stop on our home tour!