Gratituesday ~ There’s Always Hope

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I’ve spent the last several days not feeling the greatest, but, one of the good things about not feeling well is being able to sit & read for long periods of time without feeling as guilty as I normally would. {check out my reading list here}

So, with my extra reading time, I was able to finish reading Mary Beth Chapman’s book, Choosing to SEE.  If you haven’t read this yet, I would highly recommend it!  I’d also recommend keeping a box of tissues nearby at all times, you’re going to need ’em!

Although I have certainly not suffered anything near as terrible as the loss of a young child like Mary Beth experienced, I think almost anyone can relate to her story of life not going quite as she had planned or imagined.  We all have had dreams or aspirations  that maybe just didn’t come to life quite like we had imagined.  But, through everything, we can have hope if we have put our faith in Jesus Christ.  God’s plan for us is so much bigger than we could possibly imagine & although at times it may seem like our world is crashing down around us or nothing is going our way, He is writing our story according to His plans.  Until we reach heaven,  we will always have unanswered questions, but we can trust that God is working a bigger & better plan through our lives.  I am thankful that there’s always hope in Christ.

Shattered dreams are never random.  They are always a piece in a larger puzzle, a chapter in a larger story.  The Holy Spirit uses the pain of shattered dreams to help us discover our desire for God, to help us begin dreaming the highest dream.  They are ordained opportunities for the Spirit to awaken, then to satisfy our highest dream.

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