Adoption: Paperwork & Pictures

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Thank you so much to everyone who took time to write us such encouraging words about our adoption plans.  It means so much to have so many sweet friends out there praying for us!

As long as we’ve been talking about adopting & now planning to adopt, things are just now really getting started it seems.  And now that the ball is finally rolling, everything needs done, like….right now!  So, I have a mountain of agency forms & home study paperwork all over the kitchen table & I’ve spent hours staring at my computer screen trying to put together our adoption profile {if you don’t know what that is, it’s a scrapbook of sorts that birthmothers looks at to get to know prospective adoptive families}.  It’s been a little crazy at our house to say the least.

When I started to go through all of our pictures, looking for ones to use in our profile, I realized we didn’t really have any recent photos of just Caleb & I together, or at least not any decent ones:).  So, we decided while we were somewhat “put-together” for church yesterday, we’d have a quick, self-portrait taking session.  Here’s the best we could do:)…

Actual photographers out there, shield your eyes, I’m sure our self-portraits are painful to look at for anyone who knows what they’re doing!

I’m so sad I overexposed this pic, I love it otherwise!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you, you are very sweet!  Most people probably were thinking only moms & grandmas should have to suffer through looking at such pictures;).

Gratituesday ~ Grace, New jobs, Soap & Miley

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Gratituesday is already here again, time flies!!

Today I’m grateful for:

1. more rain last night, yay!

2. the cooler weekend we had

3. free peaches

4. God’s unending grace

5. Dara Maclean’s, “Yours Forever” song.  I’ve been hearing this song on the radio a lot lately & I LOVE it!  Click the link to check it out if you haven’t heard it.

6. a couple of fun, flexible part-time jobs that sort of fell in my lap.  I wasn’t looking or in need, but I’m thankful all the same.

7. the new curtains that were delivered yesterday for our stairway {& the great deal I was able to get on them!}.  I hope to have a full hallway/stairway make-over update soon!

8. soap.  No special reason, I just like things clean:)

9. Miss Miley, she makes me smile :)

Your turn! What are you grateful for today?  Comment below & join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!