Red Lamp Makeover

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I ran across these beauties at an auction a few month ago…

Unsure of whether or not they were in working condition, I took the risk & bought them {they were cheap:)}.  I was thrilled when I plugged them in & they worked!

I decided they were perfect candidates for the spray paint treatment.  And not just any spray paint, RED spray paint!  I wanted them to be a little funky & really add a pop of color to whatever room they ended up in.  So, after a little tape work…

It was time to bring on the red!  I used Valspar spray paint on these & it went on beautifully.

After the proper drying time, I topped these with basic white shades {found for a steal at a garage sale!}.  With every intention of selling these, they’ve taken up residence in my kitchen, hmmm….

So there you have it, don’t be afraid of those ugly unloved brass lamps.  A little spray paint therapy is all they need:).

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Weekend finds

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We had another crazy-busy Saturday here, which including roofing, painting & then a little more painting & a little more roofing.  Both projects are coming along nicely, they just always seem to take much longer than anticipated.  I’d say I’ve got one more day of painting in the hallway/stairway to finish things up there.  Who new painting all those spindles on the stairway banister could be so much fun?!;)  {In case you don’t know me well, that’s complete sarcasm.  As much as I love to paint, trim work is a little too tedious for my liking.}

Caleb’s about 2/3 of the way done on the roof, so maybe by next weekend {depending on weather & schedules}, he’ll have things wrapped up on the house portion of the shingling.  It’s looking like the garage portion may have to wait until Fall, after my garden is done, because it runs all along the West side of the garage & there’s really no way to tear off the old shingles without damaging things there.  Oh well, I’m sure we can find another project to occupy us in the meantime.

In between feeding the boys on the roof {we had a couple helpers Saturday, SUCH a blessing} & running to every hardware/building supply store in town looking for a hard-to-find box of staples, I managed to escape for about 15 minutes to check out the garage sales around town.  {I’ve learned to be pretty quick, it’s a get-in, get-out operation for me;).}

I’d been kind of disappointed with the garage sales so far this year when it came to furniture or potential refurb projects so I was super pumped to find these fun little tables Saturday morning!

They both are a little wobbly & need some beautification, but they have good potential so I’m thrilled.  I’ll be sure to share before-and-afters of both of these when they’re refurb’d!

I’m kicking myself today when I think about a few of the pieces I walked away from Saturday, but that just has me more excited for the next round of garage sales next weekend!  I’ve got a bunch of ideas buzzing around in my head, both for pieces for our home & reselling, so stay tuned!

PS- I’m on the lookout for a local-ish shop that would work with me on displaying/selling some of my refurbished pieces.  If you have any ideas for me, I’m all ears!

A shabby chic make-over

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This week I’m busy painting trim in our never ending hallway/stairway make-over.  But, I haven’t made nearly enough progress there to show anyone yet.  So, instead, I thought I’d share a little furniture re-do I finished earlier this week.

I ran across this antique piece at an auction a few months ago, & something about it drew me in.

Aside from being on the not-so-pretty side, it was in good condition & I knew with a little TLC it could be totally sweet.

I’d been waiting for the right project to come along to try out some Annie Sloan chalk paint & wax for quite some time & this seemed like the perfect fit.

Side note- I’ve been a HUGE fan of Shaunna’s for a while now.  Her projects are so inspiring & she’s such a sweet gal.  Her blog is one of my regular reads, I highly recommend it!

I ended up going with two coats of Old White for good coverage & applied one coat of soft wax on the top surface of the chest to protect the finish.  Before waxing, I distressed the entire piece, somewhat lightly, with a sanding block for that nice, shabby chic look.

Both the paint & the wax were extremely easy to work with.  They’ve definitely moved right to the top of my list of favorite products for refinishing furniture!

Here’s what it looked like after one coat of chalk paint…

And a little closer…

Ta Da!…

I’m thrilled with how this turned out!  I really think this would be a beautiful media stand, or could be used at the end of a bed for extra storage, or under a window like above, or in an entryway as a bench!  I just have a few ideas for it I guess. :)

This one is for sale however, I just don’t have room to keep all of my projects {sad, I know:(}.  If you’re interested, let me know!

Kitchen Tour – part 2

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So sorry, our home tour took a bit of a break!  {if you’ve missed the last couple stops of the home tour, be sure to check them out here}

I have been meaning to finish up the tour of the kitchen for the past few weeks, but was waiting until I had a few pictures of how it looks today.  I was waiting for that magical moment when the counter tops were impeccably clean & clear, until there were absolutely no dirty dishes & it all just looked perfect!  Well, then I realized that almost never happens in my kitchen because I’m always using it!  Approximately 5 minutes & 32 seconds after I get every single dish, pot & utensil cleaned & put away, I start making something else!

So, today I decided I was just going to make it happen & that anyone who looks at these pictures would understand that we live here & nothing is ever perfect. :)

{Full disclosure- I did tidy things up just a bit before snapping the most recent pics of the kitchen, I couldn’t help myself:)}

Alright, here we go.  This is how the kitchen looked the day we bought the house…

Yep, that’s how long it took for us to start tearing things apart!  I’m pretty sure the ink was still wet on our closing papers when we starting ripping into the kitchen.  {That’s my lovely mother-in-law helping get the cabinets ready to paint.}

More ivy!

Once we had the cabinets all disassembled {doors removed & hardware removed & discarded} the painting began!

They all got painted, inside & out!  If you’re going to paint cabinets, it’s so worth it to take the time to paint the insides!  I know it seems like a lot of extra work but it’s so much more pleasant to have nice, bright cabinet interiors.  There’s something about a fresh coat of paint that makes everything feel so clean too.

Thank heavens my mom came out to help with all this painting!  It would have taken me weeks instead of a couple days!

This is only one of two rooms that I had setup with cabinet doors like this.  This is way easier than trying to paint while they are still up!  It’s hard to see, but under the saw horses we have all of the hinges laid out on styrofoam so we could give them a few coats of spray paint too.

With the doors back on & new hardware! {The paint was still a bit tacky so we left the doors hanging open for a day or two.}

And, here’s how it looks today…

Like most everything in our house, it’s a work in progress & we’re okay with that.  At some point in the future, we hope to rearrange a few things in this space {mostly concerning the oddly shaped, low island} which will add even more counter space, upgrade to wood flooring, new counters & backsplash & who knows what else yet! :)

If you’re contemplating a fresh coat of paint for your kitchen cabinets, I hope I’ve encouraged you a bit.  It’s certainly not a project for the faint of heart, {I can’t lie, it’s a LOT of work} but in the end it’s so worth it!  It can breathe new life into your kitchen like you wouldn’t believe & for so much less than all new cabinetry!