The Garage Sale Report

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I’m realizing as I’m writing this that I’ve had an awful lot of posts showing off my fun finds for refurbishing, but hardly any showing completed projects……I’ll have to work on that. :)  Let’s just say, my project pile is well stocked!

Garage sales were a little slim this past weekend in my little town, but sometimes it only takes one good one to get loaded up!  I only had to go 2 blocks Saturday to find an unexpected treasure trove…

{please excuse the messy/dirty garage in to background!}

I love this dresser & unlike most dressers I find, it’s in fantastic condition.  It’s already made it’s way into a spare bedroom in our house, I’m not sure I want to resell it just yet :).  Eventually I plan to refinish it, but because it’s in such great shape, I’ll just use it as is for now.

I also picked up this dresser.  It’s not a style I love quite as much as the other, but it’s still in very good shape & will look super cute once it’s refurb’d.  I’ll be sure to share pics once I get to it.

Don’t laugh, I’ve actually been looking for a chair similar to this for a while now, orange stripes and all!  {Totally kidding on the stripes}  I’ve got plans for this baby, hopefully it turns out the way I have pictured in my head.  If nothing else, it’s actually a very comfy chair to sit in.

Then there’s this little guy…

 He’s a bit rough for what I like to take on, but the gal having the garage sale insisted that I take it, for FREE!  I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time saying no to free, unless it’s just absolute garbage.  It may not turn out to be anything too great, but it is a cute little piece if we can get the oil stain worked out of it.  I love the natural distressing it already has but it may not be salvageable once we get the oil stain out, we’ll see.

I also picked up a kitchen chair & an ironstone looking tureen from the same sale.  I may have been that gals best customer :).

Anyone else do any garage sale’n last weekend?

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