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Once again, I headed out for some garage sale’n this last weekend, I even ventured out of my little town to the big city of Kearney {don’t laugh, it seems big compared to my town!:)} to see if they had any big finds for me.

I had my hopes up for a cool old dresser or table for a new refurb project, but I didn’t land on any of those this time around.  {Speaking of which, if you live in my area & have, or know of anyone who has, old furniture pieces (solid wood) that need to go, please let me know!}  I did find some smaller things & some clothes {what girl doesn’t need fun new clothes for a steal?} that made the trip totally worthwhile.

First up, I ran across a plant stand {these have been eluding me forever! I’ve been seeing them at auctions & always miss out & also spotted one at a garage sale the weekend before last, already in someone’s grasp!} & this little wooden stepladder…

I guess I’m forming a little stepladder collection because this is the second one I’ve bought in the past couple of months.  I love the idea of using them as bedside tables like Apartment Therapy

The plant stand may end up seeing a coat of paint, not sure the white fits with my taste, but for now it’s found a home with my lettuce {I know, I know, it needs a beautiful trailing plant, maybe next year:)}.

 Funny side note: when I carried these 2 items up to pay, the gal immediately told me she’d take less than was marked…I hadn’t said a word!  Apparently I have stealth negotiating powers:).

At my next stop, I hit up a neighborhood sale & spotted this old wooden dairy box from a block away…

I buzzed right past the 2 garage sales before it, preparing myself as I speedily walked that it had to be priced too high or it wouldn’t still be there.  To my surprise, it wasn’t overpriced & it quickly became mine!  I’m not completely sure of it’s value, but I just think it’s cool & it totally fits my style.

I hit up the remaining sales in the neighborhood & found the 3 lamps.  They’re ugly, I’m aware.  The gal that sold them to me was super sweet & took time to plug each one in for me so I know that they work.  With a little work they’ll be beautiful again…..I hope.  I’ll be sure to share their transformation.

Has anyone else found great garage sale treasures recently?

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