Weekly Meal Plan {No. 18}

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Happy Thanksgiving week!!  I really love this time of year.  I love this holiday & that the focus is that of gratitude.  It’s definitely a struggle to not get carried away in all the other things & stuff that accompanies any holiday, especially the stress, but my prayer is that my heart & my mind would stay focused on thankfulness.  

Now on to meal planning! :)  Not sure how well we’ll stay on track with our meal plan this week with our travels to visit family & being back & forth, but I’m hoping by having it in place, I at least I won’t be worried about what’s for dinner when we are home to eat.

weekly meal plan



Parmesan broiled tilapia fillets, salads & sauteed cucumbers

Steak fajitas & salads

Chicken fried rice & fruit

BLT sandwiches, salads & fruit

Potato chowder & carrot sticks


Cantaloupe & grapes

Chips & salsa

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