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You’ve probably all heard about how meal planning saves your family’s time, health, money & helps you avoid last minute drive through suppers.  Well, all of those reasons are why I decided a few years ago to make meal planning a priority.  I can definitely say  it has saved me from many “5:00, what’s for supper?” panics!  Although the thought may seem daunting, it may not be as hard as you think.

I’ve tried different methods of meal planning, from doing a monthly plan, to a weekly plan, and have used different tools for keeping things organized.  I think I’ve finally settled on a method I really like.  The lovely Edie, over at life{in}grace suggested using a Google calendar to lay out your meal plan.  There are several things I love about this method.  I can view my calendar, or meal plan as it is, from my phone.  I can also type in or copy & paste the actual recipe into the calendar entry (or paste a link the the recipe if it’s online).  And, I can use the “repeat” option to schedule our favorite recipes to recur as often as we’d like.  So, I can set it to schedule hamburgers every other month, or plug in our Sunday night tradition of “mom’s night off from cooking” nachos.  As I continue to use it, a lot of the work is done for me!  If you’re looking to start meal planning, or if you’re in search of a new way to do it, definitely give this a try!

I love to plan things out, but flexibility is also a must for me!  Although I do plot out our suppers on specific days, I know well that meals will likely be shuffled around throughout the week to accommodate what we have planned for the evenings or simply because something sounds better one night than another.  As long as I have 5-6 meals laid out for the week, I know what to grocery shop for (if I don’t already have the ingredients on hand) & I don’t have to stress over what to make, because let’s be honest, often times this is a bigger task than actually making supper!

Supper is the only meal I consistently plan for around here.  Breakfasts tend to be a rotation of our good ‘ole stand by’s & lunches are almost always leftovers.  We do tend to snack a fair amount (aka, a lot – probably more than we should), so I try to plan out a couple of healthier snack options each week to have on hand, especially since we don’t do the typical processed stuff like store-bought cookies or crackers.

My meal planning day is always Monday.  This just seems to be the best time for me to look ahead to the rest of the week & make a plan.  If you do your grocery shopping over the weekend, Thursday or Friday may be a better day to look ahead to the following week.  If meal planning is a goal, find what works for you & stick to it.

Starting next week, I’ll be sharing my weekly meal plan here.  So if you’re in need of some fresh ideas, come back & check it out!

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