We’re adopting!!

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Big news right!?  We are so excited to grow our family through adoption, I can’t even begin to explain it.

For some of you, I know this may not be earth-shattering news, since we’ve been working towards adoption for over a year now.  But, for the most part, we’ve not been very public with that information & I’m not really sure why, other than it all just seems like a very personal decision/situation.  Now however, things are starting to happen {maybe, the adoption process is certainly a roller coaster & there are plenty of lows to balance out all of the highs} & I feel like telling everyone!

So, let me back up a bit & explain how we came to this decision to adopt.  Adoption is something that has been on my heart long before Caleb & I married, or even met.  You see, the Bible commands us to care for the orphans (James 1:27) & every time I’d hear or read of a story about adoption, there was this little nudge inside of me that said, someday, I want my family to grow through adoption. {Please don’t mistake me for saying that everyone is called to adopt.  God has created us each with our own story & adoption is not for everyone.  There are many ways you can be a part of caring for the orphans in this world.}

Fast forward a couple of years.  I’ve met my future husband, & Caleb & I discuss adoption & how awesome it would be to adopt one or two children.  We decide we’d like to have a couple natural children after we’ve been married a year or two & then add to our family through adoption.  Great planning, right!?!

Fast forward another couple of years, & Caleb & I decide we’re ready for our family to grow ;).  Well, months start to go by & prayers go up & things aren’t looking to good for our “plans”.  As more time goes by, we begin asking God whether His plans for us are to seek fertility treatments or begin the adoption process.  Maybe, just maybe, our “plans” were a little out of whack.  It’s crazy when God doesn’t follow “the plan”, our plan – ha!

So, after months of prayer & lots of tears, we know God has a different plan for our family, one that may start with adoption rather than ending with it.  We pray some more & begin searching out domestic infant adoption agencies.

Where are we at?

Without boring you with all the nitty gritty details, in our search for an agency, we found a few that we liked & ended up on waiting lists for their programs {none of them had immediate openings for waiting families, that’s us}.  Today, we are still on those waiting lists and just this week another potential agency came onto our radar so we’re praying about where that might lead.

How can you help?

Prayer!  There are so many decisions to make throughout the adoption journey & we want to be sure we are going where God is leading.  It’s also a very taxing emotional roller coaster, & on any given day I go through excitement, anxiousness, fear, sadness, frustration & flat out feel overwhelmed by it all sometimes.  So prayers for our sanity would be good:).  We also want to be praying for the birthmother out there that God has chosen for us.  Choosing to give life to the child inside of her & then allowing another family to parent your baby takes an enormous amount of strength & is the greatest sacrifice a mom could ever make.  We pray that God would just wrap comforting arms around her & give her peace in making such a tough decision.

I hope to keep everyone updated as things progress & to continue sharing specific prayer requests as they arise.  If you would like to be a prayer warrior for us, we would be eternally grateful!  We’d love to have you comment below or send us a message so that we can in turn be praying for you too.

Amanda & Caleb

8 thoughts on “We’re adopting!!

  1. So excited for you guys! Sitting here with my beautiful boys and reading this lovely piece perfectly describing how so many potential adoptive parents feel. Your baby(ies) will find you. “Plans” have a way of working out perfectly. Can’t imagine two more perfect boys for our family.

    And when to share the news is such an odd thing. The timing is always questionable and there are so many unanswered questions. It’s great to have all the folks around you supporting you, but it’s also hard to keep saying “we don’t know” over and over again.

    Enjoy the “ride” and know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We know just how you feel and it’s all a part the story you will be telling for years.

  2. Please know that my heart is full of joy for you both! God has the perfect situation in the works and we just have to be patient and pray. You will be on my prayer list every morning until you tell me to stop! Love you both!

  3. We continue to pray for you guys. We know God has a family for you, and look forward to when He ties you all together.

  4. Caleb and Amanda, thanks so much for sharing this area of life with us. I will be praying for the things you shared. Praying for patience and encouragement as you wait upon the Lord. deb

  5. Of course we will be praying for you and of course we are so excited for you and think that adoption is the coolest thing ever! You are in for such a treat, even the the process is so hard, it is so worth it! :)

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