Becoming a member

Interested in becoming a Young Living Essential Oils member but not quite sure if it’s for you?  Here are a few things that may help you decide:

  • Becoming a member allows you to purchase products at 24% off of retail
  • Young Living may give you the title of ‘distributor’, but you are in no way obligated to sell anything unless you choose to
  • There are no minimum monthly orders to remain a member.  I’ve heard others compare this to a Sam’s or Costco membership; you simply pay a small upfront fee to have the ability to purchase products at a discount.

Alright, does it sound a little less scary now?  If you still have questions, please ask!

Here’s how you sign up:

Head on over to Young Living’s Member Sign Up Page

Step 1

Be sure to select ‘Wholesale Member’ {Retail Customer means you’ll pay retail, you want to be a Wholesale Member & receive 24% off retail}

Step 2

Enter my ID #1381510 {it’s best to type in rather than copy/paste}, as your sponsor & enroller {please & thank you!}

Step 3

Now you can fill out your personal information {Why does it ask for your ss#?  If you do decide to pursue Young Living as a business or even just have a friend or two that fall in love with your oils & want to sign up, they are required to have this information on file to pay you.}

Step 4

Read & agree to the terms & conditions.

Step 5

Enter your email (Although this is not required, I strongly suggest you input it.  Young Living truly does not bombard you with emails & by not giving it, you’ll miss out on important updates & specials.) & create your login info.

Step 6

Now for the fun part!  Pick your starter kit.  I highly, HIGHLY, recommend picking the Premium Starter Kit which includes the Everyday Oils collection I talked about here, as well as a home diffuser.  In my opinion, this is THE BEST way to get started with essential oils.  (NEW!  They also have an option that is the Premium Kit that includes NingXia Nitro instead of the home diffuser.  Another great option!)

Step 7
As you can see, this step is optional.  You can sign up for Young Living’s Essential Rewards program immediately when signing up or it can be done later, or not at all!  Of course, signing up right away let’s you begin earning rewards right away!  With Essential Rewards, you get easy monthly shipments, discounted shipping & you earn points towards future purchases.  If you’d rather not sign up now, no problem, just click the box ” No, thank you. (You may choose an Essential Rewards kit at any time through Virtual Office).”

Click “Next”.

Confirm your shipping address

Next, you have the option to add additional items to your order if you’d like

Enter your payment info, submit & you’re done!

The hardest part now is waiting for your shipment to arrive!

Yay!! I am so excited for you!

Young Living

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